Kate Spade x Magnolia Bakery 3D Papercut Patisserie

I’m super excited to share this personal project with you all! Kate Spade and Magnolia Bakery have collaborated to create a limited-edition collection of totes, bags, and clutches inspired by the iconic Manhattan cake shop. KS handbags and cupcakes… This was only ever going to be a recipe for amazingness! I’ve been meaning to add some more three-dimensional work to my portfolio… so here it is! I’ve called the little paper patisserie ‘Cake Spade’ (get it?!) Can you spot the scrummy cross-body cupcake bag in the window?!


Isobel Barber paper cutting Kate Spade patisserie

Isobel Barber illustration paper Kate Spade patisserie


Isobel Barber kate spade x magnolia bakery papercut patisserie


Isobel Barber papercut patisserie kate spade cupcake handbag



kate spade magnolia bakery cupcake clutch


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! x


Fashion Tuesday

Whenever I’m getting creative I always either sit down with a pen or with a scalpel… I’m definitely not a naturally inclined medium-mixer! I adore drawing by cutting paper and simply sketching with a pen both equally, so I went wild and combined the two. I was half watching the ‘Liberty of London’ programme on Channel 4 last night whilst sketching, which I think is what inspired the major fashion theme!… (as well as a subconscious wish that I find something resembling the below in my stocking this year) 🙂converse

marc jacobs watchearringsHave a great evening x