A Papercut Picnic!

I’m so excited to share the latest addition to my portfolio with you all, in the form of this oh-so-summery paper picnic scene! It is created entirely from cut paper and constructed with the help of a little a lot of bluetack! I love the 3D aspect that my work has been naturally evolving over the past year or so and I think the shadows add a real depth. This sunny little scene was used by Bridgeman Studio Berlin, and featured as their picture of the week in Germany! Fantastisch! Here’s the finished illustration and some behind the scenes snaps!


papercut picnic illustration Isobel Barber


Isobel Barber papercut outfit style


Isobel Barber paper food strawberries quiche picnic


Isobel Barber paper cutting desk umbrella


Isobel Barber pink lemonade 3d paper


Isobel Barber desk view 3d paper


Isobel Barber desk view 3d paper


Thanks for stopping by folks!

Isobel x



Valentine Illustration

I have been super busy over the past couple of weeks adding to my portfolio. Not too busy, however, to take some time out to make some Valentines Day themed cupcakes! Any excuse for a good baking session 🙂 This batch of treats are chocolate and raspberry, one of my personal favourite combos. In keeping with the theme, I also made this little Valentines illustration which I have printed as a card for my man, made using cut and assembled recycled paper.

Isobel Barber Illustration




Happy Valentines Day x