Papercut poppy print

Following on from my previous post, here is another flowery papercut that I have turned into a repeat print. If you’d like to know how you can make your own, then check out my tutorial below… I should accompany this with a WARNING though: Creating repeat prints may become addicitive!

Isobel Barber

Isobel Barber


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How to make a repeat pattern

I have been playing with repeat patterns a lot recently and thought it would be fun to do a little tutorial to show how very simple creating a repeatable tile can be. Take a peek below!…


Isobel Barber


On a clean piece of paper create your design in the middle of the page, without letting any of the design touch the edges (this is very important!). I like to hand-cut and stick all my designs onto paper the trusty old fashioned way, and then scan them in to my computer. However, you can draw straight onto an illustration programme such as Adobe Photoshop if you prefer.



Once your design is complete you are going to cut your drawing in half- (scary I know). Once you have the two pieces, switch them (see picture 1). TIP: Saving as a new file after each step, so you can easily go back, will soften the stress caused by inevitable fluff-ups! Ensure to pristinely line up the two halves.

Next you are going to cut your drawing in half again the other way- (yikes!) and flip those pieces (see picture 2). Now your design should be on all edges only, with a big blank space in the middle. You can now fill this space with the rest of your design (see below). However, remember again- make sure your design does not touch any of the four edges of the paper.


Ready to repeat


Once you finish filling in any desired space, you now have your repeatable tile. This can now be repeated using Adobe Photoshop, or similar software. Voila!…


Isobel Barber


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New papercut illustration- ‘Tapas Table for Two’

One of my many illustrative ambitions is to illustrate a cookbook, so to help me on my way, I started a little personal foodie project last week. To build on my portfolio, as well as practice my photoshop skills, I will be whipping up some scrummy papercuts over the next few weeks… Starting with a Spanish themed table for two!


Isobel Barber


To create the printed wallpaper in the background I first of all created a little hand papercut pattern (below). After some minor tweeking on photoshop, I then turned this into a repeat print (below below). This is far easier said than done!… So to help anyone who wishes to create their own repeat pattern, I am currently in the midst of creating a little tutorial which I shall post soon.


Spanish pattern papercut Isobel Barber



Papercut print Isobel Barber

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